About Kara

I started a blog because I appreciate style and I enjoy seeing people who look and feel great about themselves.  I have loved fashion, style and makeup since I can remember! I started working in retail in my teenage years at Express, Lady Foot Locker, Petite Sophisticate,  and later Ann Taylor.

Rather than pushing clothes on people, I enjoyed being able to help a customer find an outfit that made them feel great!  I loved it!

In my twenties I got married, had my first baby, and I lost my style for awhile.  Then I went back to work and struggled with finding great style for myself after becoming a mom.  Nothing fit, I didn’t know where to shop and it was crazy!


Whoo wee I’ve come a long way baby!

So I was working in a law office and then I got pregnant with my second baby and the style thing became even more elusive. I lost my style and it wasn’t coming back!  Then I started working at Pepco, the electric company in Washington, DC and I found my style inspiration.  My boss’s name was Barbara Williams and she didn’t walk, she glided into a room.  She was the coolest thing since sliced bread.   B.J bought all her clothes from Ann Taylor and she looked great in them.  I was 25 when I started working there, had just bought my first home and a new car, and wasn’t making a great amount of money so I could barely afford anything.  But I started trying on the clothes and decided I would find a way. Ann Taylor didn’t have size zero back then, so I would have to have everything tailored but it was worth it.  I loved the way the clothes fit me and I stopped shopping anywhere else.

I remarried and inherited a great Mom in law, Chari Lucier and we started a business.  At Pepco I designed the front end of the intranet for Human Resources so I parlayed that into our business.  Charli was great at writing contracts so that was her side of the business.  While I liked web design, it wasn’t fulfilling.  After awhile I grew tired of staring at a monitor for 5 hours a day trying to make a button perfect.

So one day my mom saw an article in the Washington Post about Darlene Mathis.  She was a local Image Consultant who was suggesting that since you wear color’s that are great for you, you should have them in your house as well.  My mom knew of my love for fashion so she was like “You should do this!”  A few weeks later I was at my hairdressers, Keith Harley, telling him about it, and he knew Darlene.  He put me in touch with her and I attended her seminar and the rest is history.

I’ve spent the last 11 years helping men and women creating an authentic image for themselves, spent a billion hours in closets, in the stores and I can’t get enough! I hope you enjoy taking a style journey with me as I wander around the city.  Feel free to send comments or questions to Kara@KaraAllan.com

Fashionably Yours.



2 thoughts on “About Kara

  1. Hi Kara,

    I love your website, and even more so because of the scriptures that you incorporate into it…..we all need that daily “bread”.
    I have worked in the fashion industry over 20 yrs…,managed spas/salons, makeup artistry…I’ve done it all.
    Like you selling is not what I’m most interested in…it’s about making other women feel great about themselves,and helping to boost each one you touch with whatever it is that they need,and in whatever area.
    I lived in the Tysons Area for years, and have recently moved back to the Woodbridge area.
    I wanted to see if by any chance you needed help in any aspect of your business,as I do freelance work ,but am looking for something of more stability.Thought that it never hurts to ask.
    I’d love to hear back from you , if you get the chance. My e-mail address is Amyvip007@msn.com, or feel free to use FB as well to message if you’d like. I know you are busy and appreciate your time.
    I will continue being a fan now and in the future.

    Thank You,

    Amy Yuratich

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