Oscars Red Carpet Style 2011

I love watching the red carpet, all the stars in their stylish and not so stylish gowns.  There was lots of color this year, some skin and then more than I wanted to see, ahem.  The hair wasn’t so great this time, a lot of ladies looked like they left their brushes at home.  Anyhoo, here are my votes for winners, on the fence and sinners!


Celine Dion – Looks great for having had twins four months ago!

Celine Dion Oscars 2011Cheryl Hines – picked a winner with this dress

Cheryl Hines Oscars 2011Annette Bening – She looks so happy and playful!

Annette Bening Oscars 2011Sandra Bullock – Fabulous in red!

Sandra Bullock Oscars 2011Maria  – Sexy!

Maria Menounos Oscars 2011Aishwarya Rai – Love this color on her!

Aishwarya Rai Oscars 2011

Robert Downey, Jr. – Just keeps getting better!

Robert Downey, Jr. Oscars 2011

Dale Dickey –  The blue is stunning against her skin and hair

Dale Dickey Oscars 2011Halle Berry – Knows what works for her!

Halle Berry Oscars 2011Colin Firth – The King looks great!

Colin Firth Oscars 2011

Michelle Williams – Love her hair, wish the dress was in another color

Michelle Williams Oscars 2011

Natalie Portman – Finally I am happy with the fit, the dress and the color!

Natalie Portman Oscars 2011

Gwyneth is gorgeous in gold!

Gwyneth Paltrow Oscars 2011Anne Hathaway – always looks good in red!

Anne Hathaway Oscars 2011Scarlett – I was on the fence about the dress but I actually like it

Scarlett Johansson Oscars 2011

Busy’s dress is busy but I like it!

Busy Phillips Oscars 2011

Hailee is so cute and age appropriate!

Busy Phillips Oscars 2011Melissa Leo – I liked that the dress was different

Melissa Leo Oscars 2011

Mandy Moore – love the dress, would’ve liked another hairstyle

Mandy Moore Oscars 2011

The Donald looks good!  If we could only do something with that hair…

Donald and Melania Trump Oscars 2011Helen Mirren – The Queen is always stunning!

Helen Mirren Oscars 2011
Matthew and Camila –  I wish she chose another neckline, or wore a bra!

Matthew McConaughey Oscars 2011Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Oscars 2011Erin Andrews – Love this on her!

Erin Andrews Oscars 2011

On the Fence

Amy Adams –  I wish that her hair was up and that she didn’t wear that little necklace.  I love the dress.

Amy Adams Oscars 2011Hilary Swank – I love the dress, but the hair…..

Hillary Swank Oscars 2011

Daphne Zuniga –  While I like the color, I would have liked to see her in another dress, this accentuates her shoulders a little too much and she looks off balance

Daphne Zuniga Oscars 2011

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem – They are such a good looking couple.  This dress hides her tummy, which is good but I am not wild about it. Love the color and he looks great in his tux!

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Oscars 2011

Hugh Jackman and Mom – While I love Hugh in his tux, what the hell are those things his mom is wearing?

Hugh Jackman Oscars 2011

Cate Blanchett – I’ve always liked her but I think the yellow threw me off this dress.  Her hair is so flattering!

Cate Blanchett Oscars 2011
Christian Bale – I like Batman but I am soo over his facial hair!!! Is he trying to see how grizzly he can get?

Christian Bale Oscars 2011

Helena Bonham Carter – Her dress isn’t bad but what’s with the glasses?  She looks like the lost Beatle

Helena Bonham Carter Oscars 2011

Mila Kunis – While I like the dress color and fit, I am not sure about the cleavage, I feel like it’s too low

Mila Kunis Oscars 2011

Reese Witherspoon – While I like the fit of the dress, I don’t like the hair.  Reminds me too much of Anna Nicole Smith

Reese Witherspoon Oscars 2011

Mark Wahlberg – While I love Mark’s tux I really don’t like his wife’s dress.  I feel like it’s two pieces from two different garments

Mark Wahlberg Oscars 2011

Jackie Weaver – This is just okay for me, no excitement

Jackie Weaver Oscars 2011

Marisa Tomei – Still considering, I like the color and her hair…

Marisa Tomei Oscars 2011


Julia Ormond – Tablecloth anyone?  Better yet, curtains

Julia Ormond Oscars 2011

Nicole Kidman – What was she thinking?  This dress totally hides her best assets!

Nicole Kidman Oscars 2011Virginia Madsen – Next time leave it on the rack

Virginia Madsen Oscars 2011

Sharon Stone – The hair, the funny furry thing; she’s lucky I wasn’t around, I wouldn’t have tried to kill whatever that is on her shoulder.

Sharon Stone Oscars 2011

Jennifer Hudson – Again the hair and too much boobage!

Jennifer Hudson Oscars 2011

Florence Welch – I don’t care if this is Valentino, it looks like another tablecloth

Florence Welch Oscars 2011


Modern Grace Kelly in Donna Karan Fall 2011

As Fall 2011 Fashion Week continues, I am amazed by each and every designer’s creativity.  It is almost as if they reinvent themselves each Fall and Spring.  So far I am in Fashion heaven with the trends of this Fall 2011, but there is one specific look, which I am in love with, the Glamorous Grace Kelly look.  This collection is a modern twist of what Grace Kelly, American actress, Princess Consort of Monaco, and style icon, would have worn these days.  In Donna Karen’s Fall 2011 collection, she brings modern Grace Kelly, luxury, but also comfort back into our lives.  With the use of structured bottoms that go with every curve of the woman and flowing tops, which kept the femininity and classic touch on top, is almost inspiring.  This collection is inspiring because it shows what woman really are, which is powerful but soft, feminine, and elegant all at the same time.  Every woman has a little Grace Kelly in her.

Grace Kelly

By. Justine Mangum

H and M, Affordable Chic

I love  H and M!  I have found so many dresses when I needed something from a gala to an afternoon out that don’t break my budget.  So when I saw both Michelle Obama and Natalie Portman wearing dresses that cost them under $50 I was so excited but also a little worried too.  After all, I don’t want to see the dresses I wear everywhere!

Natalie Portman wears H&M

Michelle Obama wears H and M

Pregnant Rachel Zoe steps out in Stiletto Platform Boots

As we all know, Rachel Zoe, stylist extraordinaire and star of “The Rachel Zoe Project”,  is now pregnant with her and her husband, Roger Berman’s first baby.  Rachel Zoe has styled celebrities from Jennifer Garner, Nicole Richie, and Cameron Diaz to Kate Beckinsale and Anne Hathaway.  The stylish to be mom was seen stepping out in L.A. grabbing a quick  lunch and drinking water.  Although Rachel is pregnant, she still knows how to rock the street as a runway without letting go of her favorite heels for her baby.  Walking down the street, Rachel Zoe completely stepped out in stiletto, platform heels, an all black and slate look, plus pearls to finish off the stylish look.  The stylist is on her way to being the best dressed mommy around.

By. Justine Mangum

Fashion Faux Pas

Greetings fashion fans!  I was out in Tyson’s and in Target this week and came across some fun stuff!  I hope that you don’t ever commit some of these fashion sins, else I will be forced to hand you a fashion citation, take a picture and put you on display…
Shiny Uggs!  Ugh. That’s all I have to say

Shiny booties

Really? Pull up your pants man and put your underwear away.  He has nerve to be walking with his lady like that….

Red Boxers

Why??? I don’t understand and I feel bad for the kid…

Too tight!

For the love of fashion, why would you do this?  Just don’t!!!

Bleached butt jeans

I know we are only in Target, but dang, just a little effort, pleaseeee?


Meet the Intern: Kristin

I am Kristin and have recently begun interning with Kara.  As the theme for my first post, I thought I would give a little insight into my taste in fashion.  I am usually casual and I love all things vintage.  I usually pair some new trends with some fashion staples.  Here are some of the items I will be living in come Spring.

Ya Los Angeles - $49.00

Dresses are the ultimate girly staple in any wardrobe.  We all love to feel feminine and what better way to do that then with a dress full of ruffles.   The waist created in this dress hits at a flattering area for most women and the length is perfect to show off a great set of legs.

Mia – $46.99

 I love wedges. I believe they are the most comfortable yet versatile shoe.  This pair of Mia shoes has great cut out and tie up features.  This wedge is perfect for your wardrobe because it add a kick of edge to any outfit.

Forever21 – $7.80
A white t-shirt is a must have anytime of the year. I own a number of shirts in different shades and fits because they can be worn with just about anything just about anywhere. Pair this shirt with a pair of jeans for a casual Saturday or with a mini skirt and jewelry for a Saturday night out.
Hype - $185.40

This bag is great for a number of reason.  The gold hardware and chain paired with the burgundy/brown leather make this bag appear expensive.  The chain paired with the short handles also makes this bag versatile.  I love this bag for work and play.  This is definitely a must have! 

Boutique 9 - $198.00
Neutrals and suede are always a great wardrobe staple.  The Boutique 9 heels have fun cut outs as well as a great peep toe.  This shoes would go great with almost any color combination.  The heel and the color will also assist in lengthening the body and legs.
Romeo & Juliet Couture - $58.50
I live in cardigans during the work week and I have found that I also chose them a lot on the weekend.  I love the stripes and the length of this sweater.  Pair this sweater with a white shirt and some jeans and you have an effortless outfit.
Textile Elizabeth & James – $225.00

I already mentioned I love vintage and that makes me very happy that the 70’s style flare is reappearing. I think a flare is a great way of balancing out one’s figure and what’s more comfortable than a pair of jeans.