Michelle Obama, Our Stylish First Lady

How cool is it that we have a first lady who is regularly profiled in Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour and for November 2010, Harper’s Bazaar.  Michelle wears her own L’ Wren Scott dress and a pair of blue kitten heels from her own wardrobe.  While I am certainly not a fan of kitten heels, the color of the dress is very flattering.  Somehow I can’t imagine Barbara Bush in an outfit like this.  Read the rest of the article here.

Saggy Pants

So awhile back I posted a blog about some guys I saw with their underwear hanging out of the pants and how annoyed I was about it.  Well someone else took their annoyance to another level.  A man in Memphis  got disgusted when two guys wouldn’t pull up their pants and shot one of the boys in the butt.  Wow, I mean it’s disrespectful and soooooo not fashion forward but does it deserve a bullet in the butt?  Kenneth Bonds thought so.  What do you think?  Read the rest of the article here

Nothing Better Than Sharp Dressed Men

Men underestimate their power all the time.  They have no idea that if they would brush up their image and dress skills, they would have us at hello.  Here’s some pictures of some great looking, great dressed guys in Milan, no less, courtesy of GQ.  You would think with such a well dressed President, the guys here would have caught on by now.  Ah, well we can always hope.

Well dressed man