What Color Does or Doesn’t Do For You

I love color, it lights up a room, gives your skin a glow and soothes the soul.  Learning what color looks great and which ones drain the life out of you is a skill that is relatively easy to master.  Take a look at these two pictures of Taylor Swift below.  Which one looks better?


Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift

In my opinion the one on the right looks better.  The flesh color dress blends into her skin.  Notice that everything about her face, hair and makeup is virtually the same, although the one on the right the eye makeup is a touch darker, the black dress lights her up; you see her.  In the one on the left all I see is the dress and the lipstick because there is no contrast between her and the clothes. In the picture on the right there is contrast between her skin, the dress and the lipstick.  Something to keep in mind when choosing a flesh toned dress, it’s not for everyone!