Don’t Forget to Cover Up!

Hello beach lovers! It’s time to throw away your waste waist beach wraps and get in style with coverups! Here are a few coverup silhouettes I fell in LOVE with. Ready for the icing on the cake? All of these fabulous designer coverups & MORE are now on Sale at! ❤ *victory dance*


The world of AMSALE

AMSALE, the name that every bride, former bride, and single woman obsessed with weddings, specifically wedding dresses has heard about is now not only for brides or bridesmaids but for the single girls waiting for their wedding days to come so they can walk down the aisle in an Amsale Aberre wedding dress.  Amsale Aberre, who has been the talk of wedding dresses for years is now introducing her incredibly detailed but delicate and simple wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses to television, in her new WE Tv show.  This show not only showcases the impeccable style of Amsale but also the caring of each dress that is sold to the up and coming bride and bridesmaid.  For any bride wanting to wear something elegant, soft, and simply delicious, AMSALE bridal dresses are a perfect fit.  Also while going deeper into who AMSALE is, I realized that not only is Amsale Aberre extraordinary in Bridal but also in Bridesmaid dresses.  AMSALE bridesmaid dresses are the best for a bride who wants their bridesmaids to look as if they flowed down from the steps of a wonderful cloud where every woman feels her most beautiful and bewitching.  If you want more information about AMSALE and her collections, go to Enjoy!



By. Justine Mangum