Books That Changed My Mind

I know Fashion is usually my topic in this blog but I’d like to change gears for a day.  Marriage in this country and the world is in a state of national emergency. People are losing faith in everything and suicides are becoming a weekly occurrence. Just read the daily headlines or have a chat with some friends of yours and you won’t get very far without hearing someone is getting a divorce or are in serious crisis.  What can be done?

After two marriages that didn’t exactly live up to my expectations, I think I am pretty well versed about what doesn’t work. What I am really interested in, is what does make a marriage work. I am a hopeful romantic, always have been, always will be. I seek a union that is playful, loving, God filled. Well, I will tell you what was missing in both of my marriages: The presence of God. Honestly. My first husband and I weren’t ever on the same page with each other, let alone placing God as the center and my second  husband and I weren’t even in the same library. They both ended the same way they began, quickly and unhappily.

I have known people who have been married 10, 20, 30 even 40 or 50 years. Duration is a great thing, but what about quality? I was married a total of 10 years between both of my marriages and while there were moments of peace, it was mostly moments worthy of Jerry Springer. I want more, I want what God wants marriage to be for us. An intimate, living, breathing, expression of the relationship between God and ourselves. Marriage is the earthly expression of our relationship with God, which is why He asks us not to be unequally yoked.  Marriage is hard enough without your spouse not believing in the same thing you do.  Yes, there are other variable like compatibility, physical attraction, common interests, but the one that matters most is who you get down on your knees and pray to at the end of every night. Not every marriage works out even when God is the center but if God has your back it makes it a whole lost sweeter and possibly, easier.  I am hopeful that you will take the time to read this book or buy the audio book and listen to how your life and your love can beautifully different.

Love and War John and Stasi Eldredge

Now for those of you who may not be at the marriage juncture, or want to focus on yourself first, The Shack is the book for you.  Is there something or somethings that have happened to you in your life that you haven’t been able to get past?  Are you still angry, disappointed or sad?  God wants to bring you through it.  He can and He will if you let Him.  The Shack is an incredible journey of love and compassion, that will fill your soul and free your spirit.  He is the only true fulfillment in this life and the next.  No career, car, or amount of money can replace  the peace that God can bring you. Trust me, you will never be the same.

The Shack Book



It’s a gray somber day and I am heading to the Fairfax Country Club to listen to Cindie Reinhold of Brides and Wedding of Northern Virginia speak about blogging.  Good thing there was some cool fashion to brighten things up!

Peggy Arthur

Roxy Rowton

Cheryl Alston

Tracie Rosales

What is attractive about this?

Hello Fashion Followers.   Here’s my style beef for the week!  I’m at at my daughter’s track meet at T.C. Williams, when I am treated to an ugly sight.  Wow! If I had a dollar for every time I see somebody’s boxers hanging out of their pants, I’d be a billionaire!  Seriously? Do guys know where this look originates?  For those of you who don’t know, let me enlighten you.  In jail, your belts are confiscated so you won’t hang yourself…or strangle or hang anyone else.  The result is a droopy drawers effect. You look like you are wearing a dirty diaper and you need to be changed. Why would you want to emulate such a negative thing?  Do us, and yourself a favor and pull up your dang pants~  Thank you!  This has been a public service announcement.

Saggy pants, droopy

Are Real Women “The New Sexy?”

A couple of weeks ago I was in my gym running on the treadmill and watching The Today Show.  Host Meredith Vieria welcomed Glamour Magazine’s Editor in Chief Cindie Lieve and two of the models that are featured in the June issue. I applaud this effort by Glamour to embrace “real sized women” but what annoyed me was the fact that Cindie’s opening statement was “The idea that we all have to be some cookie cutter standard size zero perfect button nose look is starting to fade.” Huh? When did being a size zero become something to avoid? I’ve been a zero my entire life, and not because I tried to be, not because I don’t eat, I love food, by the way and the only time I haven’t been that size is when I’ve been pregnant with one of my three children. Also I am a curvy girl, I can’t fit one leg into Bebe jeans!  I’ve had generous hips and thighs since I was in high school, I don’t know what skinny is!!

Cindi also went on to talk about plastic surgery and how it’s at an all time low which is something I am happy about because I think at times it’s overused, like with Heidi Montag. Five years ago I had a tummy tuck because my son did a number on my little frame and I tried working out for two years but to no avail. I was constantly uncomfortable in my clothes and decided is was something I would do for myself. It still has to be maintained and I do work out and eat healthy. It was the best decision I have made and it’s the only surgery I have had! But I digress.
This is me, and my abs aren't airbrushed!!!

Back to the size zero thing, why can’t all women of every shape and size be celebrated? Why does it have to be all or nothing? I think whatever size you are, as long as you are healthy, you feel good about yourself and you embrace the body you have, there shouldn’t be an issue. And to be clear I am not bashing Glamour (One of my favorite magazines), Meredith, or Cindie, but the idea that women have to fit into any cookie cutter anything. Plus, the idea that “real women” are becoming the new ideal; Real women as opposed to fake women?  I think we are all real women, whatever size we are, plastic surgery or not, makeup or none.  What do you think?

You can view the today show here

Tigerlily Foundation Diva Night Out

I love a good party, especially one where the food, people and the venue are perfectly put together.  Last night that was definitely the case at the 2nd Annual Tiger Lily Diva Night Out at the Mandarin Oriental.  The beautiful people were present and accounted for!  Take a look

Tigerlily Founder Maimah Karmo and Board Member Caroline Alexander

Maimah Karmo, Caroline Alexander

Sheri Green and Elias Fishburn

Sheri Green, Elias Fishburn

Musician Marcus Mitchell

Marcus Mitchell

Paul Wharton and Kara Allan

Paul Wharton, Kara Allan

Lerkia Lee-Tidball and Kenny Kas Flanagan

Lerkia Lee-Tidball and Kenny Kas Flanagan

Glenn Jackson, Paul Wharton, Angel Elliott

Glenn Jackson, Paul Wharton, Angel Elliott

Reggie McGahee and Cynne Simpson

Reggie McGahee and Cynne Simpson

Minoo with a friend,  Kara Allan, and Mertine Moore Brown


Minoo, Kara Allan

Minoo, Mertine Moore Brown

Kwab Asamoah

Kwab Asamoah



Caroline Alexander, Matthew Christian Davis

Caroline Alexander, Matthew Christian Davis

Andrea Lynne Young

Andrea Lynne Young

Steven and Andrea Bullock

Steven and Andrea Carroll Bullock

Kim Brown

Kim Brown

Sheena Franklin

Sheena Franklin

Andrea Roane, Lerkia Lee-Tidball and Kara Allan

Andrea Roane, Lerkia Lee-Tidball and Kara Allan

Dennis Baxter

Dennis Baxter II

Mike Reid and Donna Guinn Kaufman, VP of TigerlilyFoundation

Mike Reid and Donna Guinn Kaufman

Donna Guinn Kaufman and Kara Allan

Donna Guinn Kaufman and Kara Allan

Joy Kingsley-Ibeh

Joy Kingsley-Ibeh

Tara Anderson, Tashia Senn, Bianca Chardei and Paul Wharton

Tara Anderson, Tashia Senn, Bianca Chardei and Paul Wharton

Touzani and Nora Fourad and Lawrence O’Neal
Touzani and Nora Fourad and Lawrence O'Neal

It was a beautiful night, beautiful venue and beautiful people.  Please donate to the foundation here

Until next time!!



Newsbabes Bash at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown

It’s me again, out looking for fabulous style!  There was much to style to be found at the NewsBabes Bash in Georgetown last night.  Sooo much pretty pink.  For anyone that I didn’t get your name, email me so I can update the page.  Thanks!! Check it out:

Marae, Rania, Teresa, January, and Monica

Nina, Rania, Caroline, Maimah and her darling daughter, Me, Dana and Teresa

Newsbabes Bash

Celena and Theo

Rania and fun friend!

Pretty Lady in Pink

Andrea and Myself

Rachel and Katherine, Aren’t they adorable?!

Another pretty lady in pink!

Celena, Glam and Tara

Former Miss VA CSN’s Tara Wheeler and friend

Minoo, Jade and Katrina

Packed in Pink!

It was a fun evening dedicated to a great cause!  Tomorrow I’ll be at River Bend Country Club for the Great Falls Women’s Networking Luncheon peeping out their style!

Style Question

Greetings Fashion Followers!  I posted the 5 shoes every man should have yesterday and Gerald emailed and asked, “What are Bucks, and what do I wear them with?”  Great question Gerald. I found these great Bucks on Amazon. Bucks are a fabulous swap for tennis.

They have a dressy appeal but you can still rock them casually with jeans dress them up with a white or light colored suit or khakis, depending on the color.  Thanks for your question!

Bucks for Men