Why Don’t You – Develop A Spirit of Giving

Hello My Lovelies,

I love doing for others, especially when they don’t expect it and I love finding ways to surprise someone, even a person with whom I am not acquainted.  I believe an attitude of gratitude and helpfulness goes a long way.  To that end I have researched a few ways you too can give and help make someone’s day or life. Find one or two that melt your heart and give generously.

Donate to help kids in shelters get Pajama’s

Pajama Program


Help local families who have had illness, domestic violence or other tragedies keep their lights on

Small Can Be Big


Change the world with your wedding by linking your registry to your favorite cause!

I Do Foundation



Do some pro bono work! Taproot matches you with a non-profit in your community that needs your skills!

Taproot Foundation



Donate to supply children with vitamin supplements!

Vitamin Angels


tumblr_n3se1qhR9E1svryc3o1_1280 (1)



Hit me up on @KaraAllan on Twitter!  Which one do you like the most?  Let me know if you are planning to donate to one  and how it goes!

If you have a product you would like have shown here, or an event you want us to visit, let us know! Contact us at Kara@KaraAllan.com

Making the Life of Your Dreams, A Reality!





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