Long Live Diana Vreeland

Hello My Lovelies!!!

Today  I want to talk to you about a legend, an icon, the Empress of editing, Diana Vreeland.  Before Anna Wintour there was Diana. Born in 1903 in Paris, France, Her publishing career began in 1936 as columnist for Harper’s Bazaar and later became Editor at Vogue.  Diana had no formal education in Fashion, but has said her education came from the world. She was an original for sure. An awkward teenger, Diana found her footing when she attended a Russian school in New York where she became a dancer. She met her husband Reed and moved back to London where they started their family. She was approached by Carmel Snow, Editor of Harper’s Bazaar to start a column, which she did called “Why Don’t You.” It was very decadent in the midst of recession. Diana then became Fashion Editor.  AFter some time Diana skipped over to Vogue and there’s where the real journey began. Diana brought adventures and glamour to the pages of the magazine.  She reigned supreme from 1963 -1971. She launched the careers out of many of the models that graced the pages such as Lauren Bacall and Angelica Houston. Diana personified style, grace and personality. She rounded her career out as a consultant to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she started the MET balls!  I learned about DIana after watching a show about her called The Eye Has to Travel, I highly recommend it. In honor of this fantastic, dynamic woman, I will be add to my blog, once a week a Why Don’t You Entry.  I am looking forward to sharing with you!



Diana 2


Diana 3



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