How Do You Do EyeBrows: Wax, Tweeze or Thread?

Evening My Lovelies!

Your eyebrows frame your face so it’s very important to take good care of them.  I have tried all three methods and I prefer Threading with a touch of tweeze.  It’s a jungle out there so as always, I want you to be well informed and educated about your options so here we go.

Tweezing takes the longest but is very precise, as you are removing each little hair individually. Get a great pair of tweezers like Tweezerman and be careful not to over tweeze.


Waxing is my least favorite method of hair removal. Just like a bikini wax, it feels like a bit of self torture.  The problems with waxing can come with the wax being too hot, which can result in your skin being ripped off (OUCH) or severely red and irritated or even having a reaction to the wax, none of which sounds appealing at all to me. The waxing can leave your brows looking very defined and the regrowth may be softer.


Threading is last but not least and is my preferred method.  The threader uses a literal piece of thread and holding it in her mouth and hands lifts individual hairs from your face.  It looks very odd to the bystander and thankfully since you have your eyes closed you are not privy to the chicken dance that appears to be going on on your face.  A good threader follows up the threading with light tweezing. I won’t lie, it does sting a bit but there’s not threat of skin removal here. Just be sure to tell your threader you just want to clean up and not have them too thin.


My good friend Erwin Gomez is a master Eyebrow Designer, you can check him out at his fabulous salon Karma at 1104 24th St NW, Washington, DC 20037, 202-293-3333 and you can view his website and tell him Kara sent you!

Well that’s all I have today, lovelies, Hit me up on @KaraAllan on Twitter to tell me about your brow experiences.

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