The 411 of Brazilian Wax

Hello My Lovelies,

Happy New Year to you all!!  I wanted to chat with you today about Brazilian Waxes.  I’m a razor woman for sure, it’s simple, easy and mostly painless. I have no desire for anyone to know that much about my lady parts except for my doctor and my man friend.  There’s an obvious allure to have smooth sailing in lady town but Brazilians expose can you to potential bacterial issues.  Eeck!!!  Say what??? Yes my lovelies, having your hair ripped out may mercilessly cause small tears under the skin and leaves you vulnerable to the sexually transmitted disease Molluscum contagiosum, a skin virus causing raised bumps or growths. Ew. Gross.


I am not a fan of hair down there so that’s why I do shave but we have hair there for a reason girls, it’s a way of the body protecting itself from little nasty invaders. I always have to have both sides of the story so I sat down with my friend Karina who is the queen of Brazilians about what women (and men) need to know about hair removal.  Here’s here tips:

  • Make sure your waxer’s service area is clean and sanitary
  • No double dipping!
  • Make sure your waxer’s makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t hesitate when she is waxing
  • No Doggie Style! This position is so old school, there are plenty of other positions to make you feel comfortable without making you imitate your four legged friends
  • The waxer should utilize both hard and soft waxes during the procedure
  • If numbing spray is available use it!
  • The appointment should take less than 30 minutes, anymore get out of there!

You can check Ms. Gutierrez out at the Aveda Georgetown Salon and Spa at 1325 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007, 202-965-1325 and their website is

Want more information?  Check out this article from The Huffington Post here  and in the words of Hill Street Blues Sergeant Phil Esterhaus,  Be Careful Out There!  Let me know you’re experience with Waxes. Hit me up on @KaraAllan on Twitter

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