Dressing the Curvy Bottomed Lady

Hello Fashionistas,

Yesterday we talked about the Curvy Balanced Lady, and today we are going to talk about the Curvy Bottomed Lady otherwise known as the Pear. How do you know if you’re Curvy Bottomed? You are curvy on the bottom if your hips and backside are wider than your shoulders,  Think Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys.

Tips for the Curvy Bottomed Woman

  • Go for an A-line dress and tops which emphasize the upper body while slimming wider hips
  • Wide is good. Keep the hems of pants, skirts and dresses wide to visually balance a pear-shaped body.
  • Pointy-toed shoes with wide-hemmed pants will make your legs look a mile long
  • Focus attention upward. Draw the attention up on the top half of your body by choosing slim, fitted tops, button-down shirts and cardigans.





67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room


pear shape

jennifer lopez

What do you think?  Tell me about your experience dressing your curvy bottomed body. Hit me up @KaraAllan on Twitter.

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