Dressing the Curvy Balanced Lady

Hello Fashionistas,

After 11 + years of dressing women (and men) the number one challenge I see people struggling with is dressing the body they have today. Not ten years ago, today. So throw away those jeans you are still struggling to get back into and buy a fabulous dress that celebrates the hot body you have today! I am happy to present a series of Dressing for Your Body posts. Today we are going to start with the Curvy Balanced Lady otherwise known as the Hourglass. How do you know if you’re curvy balanced? You are shaped like a hourglass, which means that there’s at least ten inches difference between your waist and hip measurements and your shoulders and hips are the same. Think Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara. You’ve got the figure all women envy so celebrate it!

Tips for the Curvy Balanced Lady:

  • Show off those curves! Wear tops and bottoms that highlight your shape
  • Wear Structured Fabrics
  • Stay away from baggy anything!
  • Wrap Dresses are your best friend!

Halle Berry

Kim Kardashian


2013 Gordon Parks Foundation Awards




What do you think?  Tell me about your experience dressing your curvy balanced body. Hit me up @KaraAllan on Twitter

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