Blissful Living- Lavished Home Decor at Belle and June!

Hello Fashionistas!

Ladies, do you remember your first home kitchen set that your parents probably got you for Christmas when you were five or six? I begged for the Barbie full kitchen set that came with a telephone, table and coffee maker as well as the traditional dishwasher, fridge, stove and play food. That year, my sisters and I would come home from school and our only focus would be on that kitchen! We thought it was the best thing on earth. We would take turns being the dad, mom and the child, dress up for the role and played house for hours. In those moments we fantasized living a lavished lifestyle. In my mind, I was not going to be able to function without living in a peaceful, harmonious, serenity of a home; it was a must have above everything else! It even got to the point where I would wake up and clean my play house area like no other! I was obsessed with the color, the way the lighting of my basement window hit kitchen early in the morning, those small details that made everything come together and everything so real to me. I would go around my actual house looking for additional pieces to add into my play house kitchen to add the finishing touches. My mom hated when things went missing. But, as I grew up little did I know that imaging and decorating my little play/dream home was easier than actually doing it. Today, I find it sometimes difficult purchasing, chic and exclusive home décor pieces at the prices I believe are worth spending my money on. As well as finding those pieces that speak to you, and says something about your character. When I came across Belle and June Home Décor website, my neglected “must have” sensed immediately turned on my “must have it NOW” impulses. I felt like a little girl again, I needed to grab their organic, Italian woven cottoned Sefte Neama Duvet Bed cover. I could even hear my bed itself calling for it. Their stuff is just too great to pass up!

Belle and June Home décor specializes in luxurious, chic, exclusive home accents and décor. They also specialize in providing these pieces at a great valued prices! Giving us the best of both worlds; fabulosity and premium rates. Sit down, have your piece of cake and eat it too on that note! No, literally, you can sit down in your kitchen and have a nice piece of red velvet cake (my favorite choice) on Belle and June’s Italian Rosanna Primavera Dessert Plates, which are designed modernly of 19th century antique ( I love the vintage feel) Italian post cards! Can you say, “Hello Darling?!” They have Over 5,000 home décor and accent products and pieces that were carefully chosen to beautify and glam up any room in your home.

From decorative pillows and drapes to waste baskets and stepping stools, Belle and June have it all. Check out their website and see how they have distinctively organized all home décor and accents to your easy findings. Turn your home into a haven with vintage inspired, Elegant table tops, decorative and unique trays and vases, harmonious candle lights, cozy throws, impressive baby and children room décore, plus more! Make each room in your home an work of art to remember and of course, to live in! Although we aren’t children anymore, our original desires stem from what we fantasized as children. Re-live those moments in your grown woman years and check out Belle and Junes home and accent décor.


What do you think?   Hit me up @KaraAllan on Twitter. If you have a product you would like have shown here, or an event you want us to visit, let us know! Contact us at

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