Minimergency Kit for Her!

Hello Fashionistas,

How many times have you been out somewhere and realized you had spinach in your teeth, forgot to put on deodorant, or lost an earring back?  Well worry no more!  The Mini Emergency kits have you covered from dental floss, to double sided tape, to tampons.  It’s the perfect kit in the perfect little cute bag.  Choose from fantastic colors, to Glitter, to Good Luck Charm to Snake Charmer Bags. There’s even kits for men!!  They are sooooo cute and compact and they are lifesavers!  Check them out here on Pinch Provisions!

2013-08-10 16.16.27

2013-08-10 16.17.36

Have you tried Mini Emergency Bags?  Let me know what your experience was and how it saved your night.  Hit me up @KaraAllan on Twitter

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