No Time to Grocery Shop? Scratch DC to the Rescue!

Hello My Fashionable Peeps!

I like to cook.  Well, let’s rewind.  I love to eat, I don’t always have time to cook.  So imagine my delight when I found about Scratch DC, a culinary  sensation that scourers  the local landscape for the best organic ingredients and then plans daily meals with the recipe for you to select from and prepare for your palate.  Sounds fantastic right?  It is!  So last week I chose the  Roasted Portabellas, Flank Steak & Caramelized Onions w/ a Red Wine Reduction over Gruyere Polenta and had it delivered to a friends house so we could both enjoy it!  Here’s a visual diary of our adventure.

photo (5)


photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (3)

It didn’t quite turn out like the picture on the website, and granted we didn’t use the onions or the polenta, but this was the best piece of Flank Steak I have ever had IN MY LIFE.  I usually don’t eat steak that often, but my mouth was loving how tender this meat was!  The mushrooms were fantastic! The cookies, I ate the dough….. Ahem.. Moving on. In short, best meal I’ve had in awhile and guess what!!!!  When you try your first meal with Scratch DC at the time of your checkout you’ll get 15% off if you put in my name KaraAllan. You can find Scratch DC here.  Happy eating!!!

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