Fantastic Girlfriend Holiday Gifts

We have arrived at that time of year again…..sigh…What do you get for your girls? Here’s a few gifts for only the best ladies in your life…

The Ah Ring


The Ah Ring was originally created for confident and joyful single women to show the world they’re available (A) and happy (h). Married and engaged women have their rings, and now single women have a diamond ring to call their own. Click here to purchase

Boogs Bracelet


When Susan’s Goldstein’s mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer she started making bracelets to honor and support my mother during her illness.  She gave many of the bracelets to the women in my mother’s life, who also wanted to do the same. These women included hermother’s friends, family members and caregivers. Boogs was a nickname that her grandfather gave to her mother when she was a little girl. This bracelet is called The Lidia bracelet is made on memory wire that loops around the wrist four times.  Click here to purchase

The Whole Sex and the City Series on DVD

Sex and the City

Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. Need I say more?  Purchase on

Movie Day!


I’m a big fan of movies and AMC is a fantastic theater. Click here to purchase

Which one would be most excited to receive?  What other gifts would you like to get?



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