Best and Worst of the Emmys 2012

I love to watch the awards shows, not for the winners of the shows but for the fabulous red carpet style!

Here’s my 5 picks for Best Style! 

Sofia Vergara is my number one pick, hands down!  This woman knows how to work her curves.  Take note ladies!

Sofia Vergara

Tina Fey is like fine wine, she just keeps getting better!  I love the color the fit and the hair and the accessories. Brava!

Tina Fey

Heidi Klum, looks fantastic and this is the right way to show a leg; take note Angelina.

Heidi Klum

Julianna Hough looks just like a lovely land based mermaid.  I don’t love her hair, but she gets a pass because the cut of that dress is bomb!

Julianne Hough

I am usually not a fan of black but I looooooooove January Jones in this ensemble.  Kind of like Underworld at the Emmys.

January Jones

These ladies need to fire their stylist or themselves, one or the other, and fast before they darken the red carpet again!

Here are my 5 picks for Worst Style

Elizabeth Moss looks like someone wrapped her in a bedspread.  Nuff said.  HaHa I made a rhyme!

Elisabeth Moss

This pains me to say because I love Julianne Moore, but the fit, the color, the style, eecck. Terrible.

Julianne Moore

Why Lucy Liu why? She’s so beautiful and this dress is a disaster.  She looks like something out of Back to the Future. Or back to the Designer, either way, don’t do that to yourself again!.

Lucy Liu

I love Amanda Peet’s hair and makeup but the dress should be hanging on the windows in the same room with Elizabeth’s bedspread.  Again, nuff said!

Amanda Peet

I love love love Ellen’s suit but Portia looks like she’s wearing a tablecloth.  Geez we have the bedroom and the kitchen represented here.  I’ll stop now before we move into any other rooms of the house!

Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi

So these are my picks, what do you think?  Who would you add to the list on either side?  Hit me up @KaraAllan.  All the pictures are from Yahoo’s Emmy Coverage!



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