Italiano anyone?

Thanks to one of my managers at West Elm, I found an Italian goldmine in Arlington!!! The Italian Store is a local grocery store/deli that has the best pizza, subs and wine you can imagine!  There’s even a cute little authentic Vespa outside on the sidewalk.  You can buy Ravoli, Risotto, Tortellini to cook at home; I ‘m telling you I walked in here and thought I was back in Milan somewhere.  Goodies can be taken home to devour or you can partake of the people watching outside and inhale your cuisine!  I had the Pepperoni Pizza with mushrooms while my co-workers had subs.  The olive oil chips are the perfect top off to whatever you decide to have.  Check out this gem as soon as you can, it’s fantastico!!!  Let me know what you think.  @KaraAllan.  Ciao Ciao!!

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