Babies, Babies, and Babies Oh My!

As a mom of three my baby shower days are long behind me.  Before this month, I couldn’t even tell you the last baby shower I attend. But August seemed to be mecca for those who were gettin busy in December.  I traveled to Queens  the weekend of August 4 for my ride or die Charlie’s Angels friend Juanita’s Baby shower.  Excuse me, She’s Jamaican so it’s a Baby Dance, Man. New York is one of the few places you can have a DJ and play music outside as loud as you play it in the club!  As tunes played we noshed on all the fabulous food and played crazy baby games well into the wee hours of the morning.  Congrats Juanita and Archie, we can’t wait to see baby Ciara!

Body Cast

Baby Cake

My next shower was for my younger brother Chris and his wife Kristina on the weekend of August 11th. It was a family reunion of sorts as my 87 year old Grandfather was in attendance as well as my favorite Uncle Jim and my Aunt Cynthia.  Kristina ooed and ahhed over all the gifts, we nibbled on the California rolls and sucked up the Champagne.  I roamed up to my new nephew Cameron’s room and found pictures of the wedding the year before.  Ahhh memories.

Last but certainly not least, Keisha’s shower (who is Juanita’s sister) was on the weekend of the 17th and closed out baby gate was filled with fun, food and fantastic games. I loved babygate, but I am glad it’s over!!!

Cheers to the Babies!!


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