Style In A Storm

A few weeks ago, a quiet unexpected storm hit the D.C. area and all hell broke loose! Our power, and many others was out for more than 5 days!  My bestie Leslie was kind enough to have me over to her place for a few days.  We cooked, went out and had good girl time together. One of the days when it was lovely outside, I took a few pictures.  I don’t usually wear brown, but I love how the gold brightened it up. The dress is an Ann Taylor shirtdress I’ve had forever.  The flats are new, from Baker’s. On my wrist I have my good luck charms, The Isabelle Grace Goddess Bracelet, which you can order here, Gold Rope Bracelet, Michael Kors Bangle Bracelet. On the other arms, Michael Kors Bracelet.  Lastly. my Marc Jacobs shades keep me lookin cool.  I try not to take my self too seriously, but there’s some days a girl’s gotta celebrate when she looks good. What do you think of this look?  Let me know, look me up. @KaraAllan or

Kara Allan

Baker's Shoes

Isabelle Grace Goddess Bracelet, Gold Rope Bracelet, Michael Kors Bangle Bracelet

The Limited Earrings

Michael Kors Watch

Kara Allan




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