Movie Review: Step Up 4: Revolution

If you read my last post about Zumba then you already know I love to dance.  I’ve seen every one of the movies in the Step Up series.  While the story lines aren’t always Oscar contenders the dancing and choreography is fabulous!  Plus, it’s in my favorite city, Miami!  In the latest installment, the two leads in the movies are Sean and Emily. Emily is the daughter of the hotel developer that Sean works for.  In real life the former had no former dance training and the latter had never acted.  That being said, their dancing is just inspiring.  The storyline reminds of Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo in which the local dance community center needs to raise $50,000 to make the necessary repairs, but a developer has other ideas for the space.  In Step Up Revolution, the dancers are rallying to save the local neighborhood from a developer building a hotel on their neighborhood.  Hmmm sounds similar.  I loved it, I give it 3 stars. Check out the official trailer here  Let me know what you think!

Step Up 4



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