Destination: South Beach

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to travel to Miami for a little business and a lot of pleasure!  I stayed at The Mondrian which used to be a Condominium building that has been converted into a beautiful hotel.  It’s a mix of modern contemporary and eclectic design.

Dinner at the restaurant Asia de Cuba was fabulous!  My favorite dish was the Shrimp, Snapper and Watermelon Confit Caviche and the Pan Seared Jumbo Scallops.  Simply Divine.  Our bartenders Ivan and Roger were the best, serving up my favorite shot, the Raspberry Kamikaze and other birthday shots.

The only strange thing in the hotel was the weird lady on the wall when you come in and on the living area wall in our room.  She gave me the creeps! I loved the room otherwise; we had a little kitchen that we had fruit and mimosas at every day, a really neat shower that I couldn’t stay out of, and a bed that was uber comfortable.

I spent Saturday morning at the spa, Aqua.  I had a fabulous mani/pedi and a lavender body scrub that was fantastic.  I love to shop and roam Lincoln Road and Bal Harbor.  Models grow on trees here and I came across this one particular beauty going on a go see.  Last but not least, another sort of beauty, A Lamborghini.  All in a days view in South Beach. Have you been to South Beach lately?  Where did you stay and what did you see?  Let me know!



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