The Italian Way of Living – La Bella Figura

I traveled to Milan, Italy in July 2011 and lived there for 31 days.  It was an unparalleled experience. The food, the fashion and the scenery left me breathless.  If I could bring one thing and one thing only back with me to the United States, I would be compelled to implement the philosophy of living – La Bella Figura to the culture of the United States.  La Bella Figura, means “The Beautiful Figure,” but really signifies much more that just a beautiful body; it’s a way of living that embodies an authentic image, being very well behaved, beauty in all forms and aesthetics.

La Bella Figura

Style, not fashion per se, is a way of life here.  No one would caught dead in public wearing tennis shoes, sweatpants, or looking sloppy period!  The Italians are not label conscious, rather everything is very simplistic, like their way of life.  If you care about how your image, you put thought into how you look, what you are wearing, and being well groomed.

La Bella Figura

Italians, and most Europeans in general, live quite different from Americans; Family, friends, loved ones and relationships are considered to be of utmost importance.  While there’s work to be done, nothing comes before relationships.  Italians live from love and beauty.  They believe life is to be lived, that you have earned they right to experience beauty and love just because you were born and because you are here.  No need to treat yourself because you worked hard, rather treat yourself because you deserve to be treated.  Food is to be enjoyed, slowly.  We couldn’t get a meal less than 2 hours, and we enjoyed it immensely.

La Bella Figura

Italians believe that you don’t just represent yourself, you represent your family, your country, your company and so it’s important to hold yourself to a higher standard by your poise, behavior and conversation.  You don’t see people running around acting crazily, and being generally uncouth, it just isn’t done.

La Bella Figura

And so with all that being said, having hailed from an Italian background, I found myself some very much at home in Italian culture and realized that I had La Bella Figura all along.  I hope to spread it to each and every person that I come into contact with from now until the end of my time here.

La Bella Figura

What do you think?

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One thought on “The Italian Way of Living – La Bella Figura

  1. Great write up about some of what you noticed and experienced while you were in Italy. I too found Italy quite beautiful and full of style! Everyone enjoys each other and does their best.. When the grunge look invaded our American neighborhoods, it dug in and became mainstay. People actually came to believe one should look the opposite of your best! Truthfully, I think a lot of people never let that mess pit! Now look, we’ve got grunge and pants falling down!

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