Stars I’d Like to Style

Hi Fashionistas!

I really enjoy assisting clients in choosing a look for themselves, I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager.  I work with the everyday women who wants to to look chic and beautiful and that is my passion, however, there are a few celebrities that I would love to work with because I think they are a little busy with other things and they are letting their look fall through the cracks.

Christina Hendricks is such a curvy woman and I love that about her!!! However I would love to see her a little more covered up and not so out there with her sexiness.  We know you got it babe, no need to flaunt it.

Christina Hendricks

Emily VanCamp – Gotta love Emily she’s a hot blond, but I would go the opposite way with her, we need to give her permission to flaunt her sex appeal a bit.

Emily VanCamp

Victoria Beckham is my favorite of the Spice Girls and I know she just had a baby, but c’mon, you are a hot mom!!!  The somber look is not a good look for her, let’s lighten up Vicky and start having fun again!

Victoria Beckham

Last but certainly not least, Ms. Kim Kardashian. For the most part I think Kim does well dressing her famous hourglass shape but I think right now I think she needs help shedding her love em and leave em image more than anything and I would love to help!

Kim Kardashian

What do you think?  Hit me up!

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