Why Leggings Should Be Worn With A Long Shirt

Greetings Fashionistas!

I have long stated that most women don’t know how to properly wear leggings. I have also stated that if you are going to wear them, they should be worn with a shirt long enough to cover your front and your backside.  Why?  Because it’s the ladylike thing to do.  No one wants to view your hoohah while they are walking along minding their business.  Most people don’t view their backside in the mirror before they leave the house which is another reason should be covering your unmentionables.  Case in point:  Let me state for the record I love Sofia Vergara, I have loved her since I saw her in Chasing Papi many moons ago.  But this pictures is representative of why your shirt should be covering your backside, I mean really.  From the front she looks great, but turn around and oopsy daisies.  Not so good.




What do you think?  Hit me up!

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