Fabulous Gym Wear

Hello Fashionistas,

I am a certified gym rat,  I have had a gym membership since 2003 and I love it. I think that people struggle with what to wear at the gym sometimes so here’s some great suggestions for comfortable and cute gym wear for the season that will also keep you warm.  It’s important for your clothes to let you breathe while you exercise, so please don’t wear anything that is too tight.  Try to wear color too, let go of the black and also a word of caution ladies, Yoga pants are just that:  Yoga pants.  They are not to be worn as regular pants because they are not.  They are workout pants that are meant to be worn while on a mat stretching and nothing more. The same with Bike Pants.  If you are not in cycling class, or wearing them under looser pants while you are working out, don’t wear them!  Enough said.  I love Nike and Under Armour, but if that’s not your price range, Target carries Champion and they are very reasonable.

Nike TopNike Running Pants

Under Armour




Under Armour pants


What do you think?  Hit me up!

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3 thoughts on “Fabulous Gym Wear

  1. Kara, I love that long sleeve Nike top. It’s hard to find long sleeve workout tops that aren’t hoodies or other thick materials for outside. I am total agreement with only wearing workout clothes when you’re working out. I always advise my clients exactly that. Thanks for the great ideas. @impeccableimage

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