Style Hit! or Miss?

Hello again Fashionistas!

So do I really need to say why Ms. Anne Hathaway is a fashion miss?  Well first, I do love the pants but clearly they need to be tailored; your pants should not be dragging on the ground, think of all the crap you pick up?  EWWWW! Anyhoo, the jacket is lovely but it’s a little big and the sleeves are tooo long.  I can’t see what the t-shirt is, but it looks big too.  What is going on with those glasses?  Anne is always very well dressed so I am actually concerned! I am calling for a fashion intervention here.  Sorry Anne, you are a fashion Miss!

Anne Hathaway

Meanwhile means Eva is looking fabulous in this gown, I mean 5 star!  The color is so flattering and the little gold clutch is perfect.  Eva is my fashion Hit for the day and she is a perfect 10!

Eva Longoria

What do think, my fellow fashionistas?  Hit me up!





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