An Italian Fashionista’s Diary – 30 Days in Milan – Day 29 Farewell Dinner and Dorm Party

It’s our final full day in Milan and I am having separation anxiety!!  In the morning we give our final presentations and finish up taking our exam.  I haven’t started packing at all and I have a 9:30 am flight.  This is nuts!!  I spend most of the day running around tying up loose ends like buying souvenirs and such.  Later in the evening we have our farewell dinner at a nice restaurant and one of our instructors Massimo, comes to break bread with us.

As we head back to the dorm, we stop to see our Turkish friends who have fed up Kabobs and pizza this month to bid them farewell. I see my other Massimo who works at the Ramada and talk him into coming to our farewell party that the Italians are throwing for us.  Around 11pm he gets off and comes to hang out with me while I pack my things. Then we head downstairs to party a little.  I usually don’t sleep the night before an early morning flight but I am exhausted and can’t help myself and this turns out to be very bad….

Tomorrow- Day 30 A missed flight equals a long day and night in the Airport!

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