An Italian Fashionista’s Diary – 30 Days in Milan – Tomorrow Day 28 – Lake Como

Today is our last free day before our presentations and our final exam so we decide to go to Lake Como for the day.  Lincoln, Jessica and I head to the train station around 2pm.  It’s about an hour train ride so we settle in.  When we are about ten minutes away from the station, a strange man comes to sit across from us.  He stares at us for the rest of the ride and that’s not what freaks me out.  His lips are blue, he is holding a cloth to his mouth and he smells so bad.  We jump off the train and head down the street.  The man is following us and digging in trash cans along the way.  Crazee!!!

Lake Como is settled in the mountains and it is beautiful!!  We saw this swan, an absolute breathtaking site.  We decide to take a paddle boat out in the water so Lincoln is on deck and Jessica is co pilot while I lounge in the back.  We only have 30 minutes so we paddle out and just marvel at the scenery.  After we come back we decide to get a little gelato and then take a walk.

There’s a storm coming up as we walk around, the wind starts kicking up and we start to head back to safety.  I almost get hit in the head by a flying saucer, I mean a Frisbee that some idiot is throwing around.  Really?  In a storm fool?

Our professor is coming off a ten mile hike that she didn’t intend to take, and she’s pissed!   She’s coming down to meet us for dinner.  It starts pouring just as we sit down so our timing is perfect.  It’s almost time to get back for our train and as usual we end up running to make it.

Later when we get back we head out to Corso Como for our last party night in Milan!!!

Tomorrow  – Day 29 Farewell Dinner and Dorm Party

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