An Italian Fashionista’s Diary – 30 Days in Milan – Day 27 – Day 2 in Turin, A tour, more shopping and food, glorious food!

We wake up to a cloudy rainy day and discover that we still have to take our scheduled walking tour!!!  Oh boy.  The tour is actually very interesting every though we are freezing and wet.  One of the movies we watched Deep Red was filmed in parts of Turin.  How cool!  Thankfully it doesn’t last too long and we are set free for the afternoon.  Connie, Arielle, Kim and I are hot for some pizza so we go off in search of the perfect pie.

The food in Italy is so fabulous, next to the beautiful men and the fashion of course.  Everything is fresh without preservatives and corn syrup is illegal!  I gained 6lbs from all the eating but with all the walking we did you can’t really tell. Take a look at all the delicious meals we sampled.  After the meal we did a little more shopping and headed back to we could get back to Milan.  We had bought a bottle of vodka and a bunch of juice so we had a little bar on the train.  It was a nice quiet ride back.

Tomorrow Day 28 – Lake Como

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