An Italian Fashionista’s Diary – 30 Days in Milan – Day 26 A Trip to Turin and The Cinema Museum

We are off today on a train ride to Turin which was considered the capitol of Italy when they first won their Independence.  It’s about an hour and a half almost two hours away.  Arielle, Connie, Jessica and I are sitting together and it’s so hot on this train that we have our window open.  At one point I start dozing off and then I wake up to see an older woman yelling something in Italian and slamming our window shut.  Arielle and I look at each other and go back to sleep.  Later, Connie wakes up and in complaining about hot freakin hot it is and opens the window where our professor is sitting who quickly tells her not to do it because it will make the lady upset.  Hurricane Connie jumps up and slaps her window down then runs back over to ours and does the same.  The woman is now giving all of us the death stare but stays in her seat!  Wherever we go a little drama!

We exit the train and head to the metro station to go to our dorm.  This station is very clean and modern, lots of glass and steel.  When we get off the train at our location, I almost get caught in the door and we turn around to see that Connie and Chelsea got stuck on the train.  The door slams shut and we see their shocked faces as it drives away.  Apparently, these trains are automated so there isn’t a driver, which is kinda scary.  The two head back at the next station and finally are reunited with the group.

Our dorms where we will be staying are really nice, they have a breakfast bar and it’s very spacious.  We just have enough time to put our things down in our room and head off to the excursion of the day, the Cinema Museum.  On the way there, we discover that Chelsea’s wallet was stolen and that the perps have already charged $300 worth of soccer tickets on her credit card. Yipes!

After the museum we head out for aperitivo and meet a few more beautiful Italian men.  I have to say I like the Sicilians the best.  Connie and I do a little shopping and then head back to the dorms.  I am exhausted, as usual so I crash…

Tomorrow – Day 27 – Day 2 in Turin, A tour, more shopping and the food in Italy!

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