An Italian Fashionista’s Diary – 30 Days in Milan – Day 25 Another church, The Duomo and Graffiti in Milan

We start the day off with a visit to yet another church!  This particular church has dead people in it.  Are you kidding?  How does that happen?  It’s so gross, there are crypts on display of some prominent people and you can see them in their little boxes.  I think I am going to be sick! How do you have dead people in a church?  Towards the back of the church there is what I would call a dungeon and there’s a couple in their robes and they are skeletons. Ewww! To top it off there’s security guy guarding them and he looks like the Crypt Keeper.  When he sees that Kwanza and Chelsea have on shorts he tells them “It is not possible for you to be in here with shorts on!”  Are you kidding man?  It’s possible for you to have dead people in here but  you are worried about what she’s wearing?  Whatever.  He makes them scoot out the side door.

Then we get to view a funeral procession into the church of someone named Francesco.  I think I have had enough dead people for one day, really.  We head back down to the Duomo to take a tour of the rooftop.  It’s so beautiful up here.

Graffiti is a normal everyday part of the scenery in Italy.  Everywhere we went, there it was.  I wondered if there wasn’t some way to harness all that energy and talent into beautiful Murals or something….Ah well. I am tired so we ahead back tot the dorm and go to sleep!

Tomorrow – Day 26 A Trip to Turin and The Cinema Museum

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