Day 22, 23 and 24 – Colonel McClary, Old Fashioned part tre and Lecco

Friday is finally here and my good friend Frank McClary is coming in for a visit. I have known Frank for 6 years since we used to work out at Bally’s together. I literally had to beg him to take a vacation, which he never does.  So he’s coming to Milan for 6 days.  Yay!  So he arrives at the dorm at 11 am and after he gets checked in, we hit the road for lunch.  We go to our fav spot, Gemelli’s, which is Italian for Gemini, which is my sign, so you know I love it!

We were trying to go to Rome today and turns out there’s a strike affecting the rail and the train.  We go all the way to Centrale and can’t get a train out!! We head back to the dorm and do a little pre – gaming.  Later in the evening we head out to Old Fashioned for the 3rd time.  This time we meet a random guy named Nick who is a model in the states and he is finnnnneee.  Ahem, anyways.  Somewhere around 3 we head back to the dorm.

On Saturday we decide to do a little shopping so we head out to Brea and San Babilia.  We love cars, if you couldn’t tell!

On Sunday Frank, Connie, Chelsea, Lincoln and myself (dubbed as the Panini Family) decide to visit Lecco, where my new friend Carlo the bartender lives.  I informed him that it would be 5 of us and that we wanted to go to Lake Como.  It’s an hour on the train to Lecco, we end up leaving around 1pm to go.  As we are riding Lincoln manages to see a guy in the park having his private parts tended to….unbelievable.

Anywhoo, when we arrive Carlo is a little cranky because we didn’t come earlier, that there is 5 of us not 3 and goes on about it for a little while.  There’s also so bike tournament or something going on so almost all the streets are closed which is making it hard to get around.  We go to his house and have a little champagne, he gives us tour of his house which has an amazing view.

After our tour we head down to the beach for a little sun and fun time and then for an Apertivo where we have a foosball tournament.  So not my thing.  After that we head to this amazing restaurant for dinner.  Sooooooo good.  We tell Carlo we have to get back since we have class in the morning and we rush off to the train station to make the last train.  What was funny was that the ticket machine was broke and we couldn’t get a ticket back.  Oh, well.  Oh the ride home, Frank and I gave the young-uns a little bit of relationship advice.  It was a nice relaxing weekend even tough we didn’t get to go to Rome….

Tomorrow Day 25 Another church, The Duomo and Graffiti in Milan

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