An Italian Fashionista’s Diary – 30 Days in Milan – Day 9 and 10 Going to Genoa, The Formaggio Family and the Suds Party

Day 9 begins with a train ride to Genoa as we head to Bagni Sole to the beach.  It’s like paradise island.

So Cat, Gary, Arielle, Lincoln and Myself make up the Formaggio Family.  We had dinner at this fabulous restaurant in Genoa and we ate so much we had to drag ourselves back to the hotel and sleep before we headed out to party.

After a little gelato at Pizza Cafeteria, we head over to one of the local clubs and after a little sweet talkin, we get in for free!  To our surprise there’s a suds machine and we get drenched!

The next morning before we head back we check out the Pirate ship that was used in the movie Pirati!  Pretty cool.

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Tomorrow Day 11, Italian Media, and the Canal part 2


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