An Italian Fashionista’s Diary – 30 Days in Milan – Day 4, No Independence Day Here and Our Walk Around Milan in 6 hours

Day 4 and counting. There are graduations happening everyday and it’s a grand celebration. The graduates wear wreaths and their classmates toss them in the air while singing, it’s really different from our cap and gown ceremony.  It’s weird that we are here and there’s no 4th of July here so no fireworks!!

In the afternoon we head out to meet up with our Italian/English teacher Elisa who takes us on a tour of Milan.  We stop to have gelato and it’s very refreshing!

As we are walking to our next destination, I spot this beautiful man standing in the door of this restaurant.  He smiles and I ask him if I can take a picture of him and he says “with me!”  I say ok and run over.  Then he asks me “with a kiss or without?”  Of course I say with and he is happy to oblige me.

Here’s a really cool old castle that we walked through…We have been walking forever and my feet are killing me!!!  Lincoln is nice enough to give me a ride.

Our last destination of the day was a student welcome dinner.  The food was wonderful and we made a few new friends.

Tomorrow Day 5, The market, the lovebirds and impromptu dorm party.

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