An Italian Fashionista’s Diary – 30 Days in Milan – Day 3, The Welcome Dinner, the Wedding Men and the Mad Italian Mobster Mosquito’s

Day 3 in Milano.  The weather is so beautiful here!!!  We have breakfast at 9:30 which consists of various fruits, cereals, croissants, eggs and ham.  Italian people love sparking water and it’s called Frizzante or Acqua Minerale con gas.  There are so many varieties and I looove it.  Today we visited our school, the University of Milan, Poly Tech.  It’s on the San Babilia rail stop. Tomorrow we start classes.  Meanwhile we went exploring around the area and grabbed a little lunch.  There are a lot of street performers here are they are very interesting.

Later in the evening we go to the a welcome dinner at a really pretty restaurant.  In one section of there is a wedding reception going on and we take a few pictures with the attendees.  Italian men are sophisticated in their dress, I love it!!!!

The most troubling aspect of this restaurant are the mosquito’s!!  They are mad Italian mobster mosquito’s.  When the sun went down, we were attacked like a Manolo Blahnik shoe at a sample sale.  I think I was bit at least 20 times.  We run back to our dorm, swollen and red.  Anyhoo.

Tomorrow Day4, No Independence Day here and our first day of class

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