An Italian Fashionista’s Diary – 30 Days in Milan – Day 2, Roommates, Dorms and Duomo, Oh my!

So onto to Day 2 in Milano.  I had gone to bed the night before at 4pm and woke up around Day1 at 11pm.  So now I have been up all night reading, checking emails and getting my bags in order.  I get up and get dressed at around 8pm and go down to have breakfast.  There’s scrambled eggs, hot dogs wrapped in prosciutto, croissants and cappuccinos.  The wall in the breakfast room is beautiful!  There;s a very distinguished Italian man having breakfast.  When he finishes he gets up and says Ciao as he walks out.  Yummy, both the breakfast and the man!!

It’s time to get to the dorm and check in.  So I check with the Signorina at the desk about how to get back into the city.  “There’s a bus” she says.  But my bags are so heavy it’s like dead bodies in them.  So I decide to call a cab to take me to the rail.  In the meantime while waiting for the cab, I go over to the newsstand to  buy a ticket. The man there is very helpful and animated. I explain that I don’t want to drag my bags across the street to the other stop.  He agrees!  I buy my ticket and run back over to the hotel.  A few minutes later, the cab shows up and it’s time to go!!!

My cab driver’s name is Mauricio and he is soooo nice.  We head to the rail station and he gives me a great tour through the city.  When we arrive to the rail station I decide that my bags are too heavy and I want to ride in the cab all the way to the dorm.  It was a good call because the dorm was a good ten minutes from the station.

I finally arrive at the station and I check in and then run into my professor.  We have breakfast and chat about all the great things we are going to see!!! I am the first to arrive of the 24 other students.  I check into my room and I love it!!!  My roommate’s name is Nikki and she is so cool!

There’s about 10 of us here so far and my professor runs us off to the rail to explore how to make our way to Duomo.  How fun!!!  She also tells us about the men who like to put bracelets on you and then the other guys try to rob you.  Fabulous!  So we head out and the Duomo is unbelievable!!!!!

The Duomo is the cathedral church of Milan, northern Italy. Dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente (Saint Mary Nascent), it is the seat of the Archbishop of Milan currently Archbishop Angelo Scola.

The Gothic cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete. It is the fourth largest cathedral in the world and by far the largest in Italy.  Serious!!! It’s just a cool thing to see.  Our professor wanted us to stay up until at least 6pm but we came back and crashed at 5 pm.

Tomorrow Day 3, The Welcome Dinner, the Wedding Men and the Mad Italian Mobster Mosquito’s

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