Victoria Beckham’s Royal Wedding Chic

 Now of course when we think of weddings, as guest we feel like the attire is sometimes limited.  From modern chic and relaxed weddings to black ties, sometimes the outfit choices and be somehow difficult for women.  However, recently the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton brought about the elegant but chic of them all.  Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl and current Fashion Designer, is known for being “Posh” on a regular basis, but when it came to the Royal Wedding, she showed the world exactly why she was “Posh Spice.”  Even as she is pregnant at the Royal Wedding, she camouflages her stomach with a flowing navy dress, which complements her whimsical but traditional navy hat, navy clutch, and her navy Christian Louboutin hidden platform heels.  For a wedding, this is genius in the sense that her whole outfit is not only gorgeous, daring, and also minimalistic, but just simply looks comfortable to wear.  This is an excellent choice for all shapes and sizes when attending weddings, along with the right accessories!

By. Justine Mangum


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