Style on the Street

I must say that I have been mildly depressed about the state of sloppy dressing in the Washington area. Most of the time when I am out all I see is a sea of flip flops, juicy couture and an over abundance of cleavage.  So when I ran into Mary, Kristin and Ehab I was ecstatic.

I ran into Mary at the Post Office and she looks so cute. The amazing thing is, she used to work at Nordstrom as a personal shopper! Her haircut is just adorable! He collaboration of the grey and black works so well for her.  A+ for Mary

Mary Stack

I first met Ehab at the Heltzberg Diamond store in Potomac Mills where I picked up on his fabulous Prada shoes!  I was in Tysons today shopping for a client and was sooo happy to see him again.  He is always dressed impeccably and today was no exception.  I still love the shoes!! A+ for Ehab!

Ehab Jawdat

After I was finished shopping with my client, I met up with my friend Kim for some lunch at Nordstrom Cafe.  When we were checking out I spotted Kristin and told her how great she looked!  Her outfit is perfect for a little shopping at the mall; not too dressy, not too casual.  Her daughter was pretty cute too.  A+ for Kristin

Kristin White

So that’s it for today! I am always on the prowl for good and awful style so beware, you might see yourself here!!


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