Curvy! I thought that was a good thing?!

The Sartorialist is one of my favorite photographers and blogger; he was a bit of an inspiration for the tone of my blog.  So imagine my surprise when he has come under fire for his use of the word “curvy” in describing one of the women he photographed in Milan.  There was a response of over 1,000 comments ranging from “Right On!” to “How Dare You!” Geez, people take it easy, the man is entitled to his view and I didn’t think saying someone was curvy could ever be viewed as bad.  Fat, or anorexic, yes.  Curvy, ah no. I personally loved his post and love that a man can view and describe a woman in such a positive light.  Check out the picture and the actual blog post that started it all.  G5JCPJT9ZMN9

The Sartorialist
The Curvy Girl


The Sartorialist 2
The Curvy Girl



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