Modern Grace Kelly in Donna Karan Fall 2011

As Fall 2011 Fashion Week continues, I am amazed by each and every designer’s creativity.  It is almost as if they reinvent themselves each Fall and Spring.  So far I am in Fashion heaven with the trends of this Fall 2011, but there is one specific look, which I am in love with, the Glamorous Grace Kelly look.  This collection is a modern twist of what Grace Kelly, American actress, Princess Consort of Monaco, and style icon, would have worn these days.  In Donna Karen’s Fall 2011 collection, she brings modern Grace Kelly, luxury, but also comfort back into our lives.  With the use of structured bottoms that go with every curve of the woman and flowing tops, which kept the femininity and classic touch on top, is almost inspiring.  This collection is inspiring because it shows what woman really are, which is powerful but soft, feminine, and elegant all at the same time.  Every woman has a little Grace Kelly in her.

Grace Kelly

By. Justine Mangum


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