Desiree Rogers Rocker Chic look

From the White House to Leather pants.  Desiree Rogers, who is the former White House Social Secretary for President Barack Obama, was seen at the book party for Kate Betts.  Kate Betts wrote Everyday Icon Michelle Obama and The Power of Style.  When attending the book party for Kate Betts, Ms. Rogers chose a modern and chic decision to wear leather pants.  Along with her leather pants, which made an avant-garde bold statement, Desiree Rogers also wore a black blazer that was tailored perfectly to her figure and stiletto boots to match her sleek rocker look.  With her short-cropped black hairstyle to add to her overall look, she exemplified the modern-day Catwoman in all black sleekness.  Desiree Rogers, who is now the CEO of Johnson Publishing, was known for being stylishly daring and best-dressed when working as the White House’s Social Secretary.  Along with First Lady Michelle Obama, Desiree Roger’s outfits jumped on to the scene with elegance, style, and classic effortlessness, when first chosen to work along with President and Lady Obama.  After the transition from The White House to becoming CEO of Johnson Publications, Desiree Rogers still continues to be daring in whatever she wears.


By.  Justine Mangum


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