The House of Kas

My good friend Kenny Flanagan (Kas) opened his flagship store at the National Harbor this weekend.  I’ve known Kas for about 4 years now and I first met him at Maryland Fashion week.  The first thing that impressed me about Kas was his humble attitude.  He is so grateful for the talent that God has bestowed on him and he is gracious to everyone he meets. The second thing that impressed me was the ridiculous talent he has for designing.  His garments are top quality and a lot of thought and care goes into each piece.  His attention to detail is incredible. There is nothing haphazard about anything he does.  With the opening of his store, I believe the world is now his oyster.  Love you Kas! See Kas’ clothes at

Kas, Kara Allan, Katana & Kaela Shaw


One thought on “The House of Kas

  1. Enjoyed your piece in the current issue of I AM MODERN magazine. I love street fashion blogs and the like. And thanks to your website, I am now aware of the NOVA Fashion Week and hope to attend Kas’ show on that Friday night.

    Congrats on your mention in Robin Givhan’s recent Washington Post article…and your partnership with Style For Hire.

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hello. Take care!

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