Books That Changed My Mind

I know Fashion is usually my topic in this blog but I’d like to change gears for a day.  Marriage in this country and the world is in a state of national emergency. People are losing faith in everything and suicides are becoming a weekly occurrence. Just read the daily headlines or have a chat with some friends of yours and you won’t get very far without hearing someone is getting a divorce or are in serious crisis.  What can be done?

After two marriages that didn’t exactly live up to my expectations, I think I am pretty well versed about what doesn’t work. What I am really interested in, is what does make a marriage work. I am a hopeful romantic, always have been, always will be. I seek a union that is playful, loving, God filled. Well, I will tell you what was missing in both of my marriages: The presence of God. Honestly. My first husband and I weren’t ever on the same page with each other, let alone placing God as the center and my second  husband and I weren’t even in the same library. They both ended the same way they began, quickly and unhappily.

I have known people who have been married 10, 20, 30 even 40 or 50 years. Duration is a great thing, but what about quality? I was married a total of 10 years between both of my marriages and while there were moments of peace, it was mostly moments worthy of Jerry Springer. I want more, I want what God wants marriage to be for us. An intimate, living, breathing, expression of the relationship between God and ourselves. Marriage is the earthly expression of our relationship with God, which is why He asks us not to be unequally yoked.  Marriage is hard enough without your spouse not believing in the same thing you do.  Yes, there are other variable like compatibility, physical attraction, common interests, but the one that matters most is who you get down on your knees and pray to at the end of every night. Not every marriage works out even when God is the center but if God has your back it makes it a whole lost sweeter and possibly, easier.  I am hopeful that you will take the time to read this book or buy the audio book and listen to how your life and your love can beautifully different.

Love and War John and Stasi Eldredge

Now for those of you who may not be at the marriage juncture, or want to focus on yourself first, The Shack is the book for you.  Is there something or somethings that have happened to you in your life that you haven’t been able to get past?  Are you still angry, disappointed or sad?  God wants to bring you through it.  He can and He will if you let Him.  The Shack is an incredible journey of love and compassion, that will fill your soul and free your spirit.  He is the only true fulfillment in this life and the next.  No career, car, or amount of money can replace  the peace that God can bring you. Trust me, you will never be the same.

The Shack Book


One thought on “Books That Changed My Mind

  1. Kara,
    I love your views posted here. And I couldn’t agree with you more. Without God at the center of your marriage, it simply won’t thrive. I haven’t read this book yet, but you’ve inspired me to run out and purchase it! I did read The Shack … awesome book. I really enjoyed your blog. Keep up the great work, you are truly an inspiration! God bless you and all the lives you touch. Take care.

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