Are Real Women “The New Sexy?”

A couple of weeks ago I was in my gym running on the treadmill and watching The Today Show.  Host Meredith Vieria welcomed Glamour Magazine’s Editor in Chief Cindie Lieve and two of the models that are featured in the June issue. I applaud this effort by Glamour to embrace “real sized women” but what annoyed me was the fact that Cindie’s opening statement was “The idea that we all have to be some cookie cutter standard size zero perfect button nose look is starting to fade.” Huh? When did being a size zero become something to avoid? I’ve been a zero my entire life, and not because I tried to be, not because I don’t eat, I love food, by the way and the only time I haven’t been that size is when I’ve been pregnant with one of my three children. Also I am a curvy girl, I can’t fit one leg into Bebe jeans!  I’ve had generous hips and thighs since I was in high school, I don’t know what skinny is!!

Cindi also went on to talk about plastic surgery and how it’s at an all time low which is something I am happy about because I think at times it’s overused, like with Heidi Montag. Five years ago I had a tummy tuck because my son did a number on my little frame and I tried working out for two years but to no avail. I was constantly uncomfortable in my clothes and decided is was something I would do for myself. It still has to be maintained and I do work out and eat healthy. It was the best decision I have made and it’s the only surgery I have had! But I digress.
This is me, and my abs aren't airbrushed!!!

Back to the size zero thing, why can’t all women of every shape and size be celebrated? Why does it have to be all or nothing? I think whatever size you are, as long as you are healthy, you feel good about yourself and you embrace the body you have, there shouldn’t be an issue. And to be clear I am not bashing Glamour (One of my favorite magazines), Meredith, or Cindie, but the idea that women have to fit into any cookie cutter anything. Plus, the idea that “real women” are becoming the new ideal; Real women as opposed to fake women?  I think we are all real women, whatever size we are, plastic surgery or not, makeup or none.  What do you think?

You can view the today show here


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