In Search of Style At Tysons and Galleria – Spring Do’s and Don’ts

Hello Fashion lovers!  It’s Saturday and I am at Tyson’s to take a class at West Elm about designing your outdoor areas.  I’ve brought my daughters Katana and Kaela along who are my fashion accomplices and after the class we are getting a bite to eat when we see some things we just had to share.  I’ve posted here our Top Spring Do’s and Don’ts.  The Do’s were very gracious about having their pictures taken and the don’ts were unaware so their faces don’t appear and we were ducking behind trashcans trying to take them!

Peekaboo!  What the hello was she thinking?  I am always amazed that so many people still don’t know how to wear leggings properly.  Did she not have a mirror at home or a longer shirt?  No other pants or a skirt???? This is a don’t ever!


This is Lori, one of first Fashion Do’s.  Neutral colors are very in right now and she has a collage of labels here: J Crew pants, Gap top, and a Mango Jacket.  I love that she doesn’t look overdone and very appropriate for a spring day at the mall.

Gap, J Crew, Mango

Guys, I am done giving you slack….you need to step up too. How hard would it have been to trade in your tennis for some loafers, khaki shorts and a polo?

Fashion Don't

For our next do we have Jo and her daughter.  I love Jo’s jeans because they fit! She said they are Macy’s label and her daughter has on Hollister and American Eagle.  It looks simple and she’s cute!

Macy's, Cold water creek, Hollister and American Eagle

Another guy, once again, a little effort is all I’m begging for!!

Fashion Don't

Liza and Valeria were two living dolls I spotted at the new Wasabi Sushi restaurant.  Liza has on a dress from Armani Exchange and cute flats from Bakers and Valeria has on a dress from Maricano and shoes from Nordstrom.  I love how their accesories are so simple and don’t overpower their outfits.  Simply Chic!

Marciano, Nordstrom, Armani Exchange, Bakers

I had to do a secret squirrel mission to get this picture, running and jumping onto the escalator.  When were these ever in and why would you wear them to the mall for sobbing out loud!  Do I really need to say anything else about this? Just don’t!  Let’s move on.

Cutoutscutout leggings

We found Mary at the Galleria in Pea in the Pod wearing an Alica & Olivia dress and Rachel Roy gladiatoresque shoes.  She was just so cute I had to stop.  I love the belt with the dress and her hair is just beautiful.

Alice and Olivia, Pea in the Pod, Rachel Roy

This dude’s hair looks like a nest, I was expecting to see birds, sticks, and eggs falling out of it.  Either cut it or comb it man…I wanted to sneak up behind him with a weed wacker.

Bad Hair

As we are walking into Saks, finally!!! Some well dressed men.  Rick has on Versace and Reco has on Hugo Boss.  Love it!

Versace and Hugo Boss

A.J. wouldn’t take the pic unless my fashion accomplices Katana and Kaela (16 and 14)  joined in.. He is wearing Gianfranco Ferre…

Gianfranco Ferre

Kathy and her mom Lucy look so springy and fabulous!  Kathy has a dress from Papaya (get out!) and her mom a Pucciesque dress she bought on vacation from the Bahamas.  Mom and daughter savvy style.  Love it!


I saw Colleen and Lindsey in the mall but they were moving too fast so I was delighted to run into them in Saks.  Colleen has on a colorful Shoshana dress and Lindsey has on a nautical Dolce & Gabbana dress.  Perfect spring dresses and shoes.  Love it!!!

Docle & Gabana, Shoshana

Here we have Heather Shaw Menis with designer Rebecca Minkoff.  I love Heather’s dress with the obi belt, and Rebecca’s Heimstone dress is hot with the zippers.

Corey Lynn Calter, Rebecca Minkoff

I was so happy to see Sandy Heilner, VP and General Manager of Sak’s looking dapper as usual. He’s wearing a Calvin Klein suit.

Calvin Klein

Jesse is modeling one of Rebecca’s bags and is wearing Alice & Olivia

Alice & Olivia, Rebecca Minkoff

Audrey is wearing Marc Jacobs and modeling another one of Rebecca’s bags.  Love the yellow!

Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff

Khaleelah is an event planner here with Heather and she is wearing Blind Addiction jeans and an Aqua Tee Shirt.  She looks cool and spring ready!

Blind Addiction, Aqua T

Last but not least, we ran into Cornelius at the Starbucks on the way out.  He is wearing H&M shoes which are my favorite, Zara jeans and a shirt and accessories from a vintage store.  He confessed he likes to shop.  We can tell!!!

Zara, H&M

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Well that’s all for today, but be on the look out, you never know where I might pop up next…..Here’s a heads up, I’ll be in Georgetown tomorrow!


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